I’ve worked with Saqib in 3 companies (Emulex, Seagate/eVault, Mirantis) and have been impressed with his vision and diligence. He has successfully executed on product positioning, messaging, launches, white papers, and product collateral. Given Saqib’s technical depth, he is able to bridge the gap between deep technical details and what it means in terms of customer value, which is a difficult skill to find.

Amar Kapadia

Co-Founder/CEO, Aarna Networks

I have had the pleasure of working with Saqib many times over the years. Most recently, Saqib provided the focused messaging and content marketing need for our MDS line of SAN products. His storage expertise was invaluable and he independently researched the topic matter, developed a rapor with the OSM partner marketing teams, and worked well with our product managers and alliances team. Previously, Saqib delivered quick results under tight time pressures for our wireless mobility launch at Brocade. He performed excellent quality work on new subject matter and was renewed 5 times because of the value of his work. Also, I retained Saqib to write on SDN at Vello Systems. He was able to independently research and synthesize thought leadership material with our engineering team in rapid order. I highly recommend Saqib for content marketing for any network or data center topics.

Harry Petty

Director, Data Center and Cloud Networking, Cisco Systems

Saqib has vast technical and business knowledge, helping companies find new markets and new business opportunities.

Shaike Orbach

CEO, Silicom

Saqib is a great resource for marketing groups looking for high-caliber strategic insight into Server and Storage OEM requirements and market dynamics. Saqib understands not only the technical aspects and requirements of the storage markets, but also the business and tactical aspects. Plus, the fact that he has a remarkable Rolodex of contacts at various key OEMs in the Server and Storage market, is a huge asset. I have used Margalla Communications in the past and have been more than satisfied with the results. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of these markets.

Shantanu Mitra

Founder & CEO, FaradPower