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In addition to providing strategic and product/technical marketing consulting services, Margalla Communications also analyzes the technologies, products, vendors, applications, and market trends in the cloud and enterprise networking markets by publishing articles, white papers, and industry reports, and producing seminars/webinars.

White Papers

Quantum QXS™ hybrid flash-disk storage arrays with Q-Tier™ real-time tiering provide the most
efficient and cost-effective storage solution for animation facilities. 

The purpose-built Quantum StorNext® reference architectures for 4K media workflows maximize stream counts and optimize performance levels in accordance with users’ specific needs. 

This white paper demonstrates how to increase profitability by reducing the operating costs of backup and archiving using Riverbed Whitewater and Amazon Glacier cloud storage, instead of traditional tape backup methods. A convenient checklist summarizes operational cost categories used to calculate this ROI. These include ongoing monthly costs for media, labor, and offsite storage of backup data, and monthly costs for cloud storage of backup and archival data.

The elasticity, manageability, flexibility, and scalability of Ethernet fabrics based on Brocade® VCS® Fabric technology make these fabrics ideal for cloud computing environments. Brocade VCS Fabric technology provides a number of deployment choices for supporting scalable cloud network architectures, including innovative Layer 2 and Layer 3 approaches that use single-fabric and multi-fabric deployment models.

This white paper details how enterprises can gain optimal benefits from the latest enhancements to the Riverbed Whitewater appliance using Amazon Glacier as the cloud storage destination. 

This EMC Isilon Sizing and Performance Guideline white paper reviews the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that most strongly impact the production processes for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows.

Tintri VMstore is built on the industry’s first and leading VM-Aware Storage architecture. This technical white paper covers the architecture and functionality underlying the Tintri VMstore including the patented Tintri FlashFirst™ design and VM-Aware operations. The paper also covers what makes Tintri VMstore the ideal storage foundation for scaling virtualization.

Cloud administrators can leverage new technologies to make fundamental changes to data center network infrastructure, reducing costs and improving efficiency, while supporting existing and next generation applications and clients.

In this paper, after reviewing the key requirements for an enterprise-grade cloud storage system, we introduce Red Hat Storage Server and review the architectural characteristics that make it the storage system of choice for enterprise users. We conclude with a case study exploring the real-word experiences of Intelitek, a manufacturer of high-tech educational products that successfully deployed Red Hat Storage Server for Public Cloud within AWS to meet the time-sensitive demands of its customer base.

Chelsio Terminator 4 (T4) Unified Wire adapters deliver a range of performance gains for Hadoop by bringing the Hadoop cluster networking into optimum balance with the recent improvements in server and storage performance, while minimizing the impact of high-speed networking on the server CPU. The result is improved Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) performance and reduced job execution times.

This paper explores the many benefits of unified networking, the approaches to enabling it, and the pivotal roles Intel and NetApp are playing in helping to bring important, consolidation-driving technologies to enterprise data center customers.

As cluster systems have grown, so has the total amount of data in play in the average parallel HPC application and HPC storage systems need to have the best possible bandwidth and latency characteristics. In this context, the demand for interconnect solutions that supports a converged storage and cluster interconnect fabric is expected to grow significantly.

This Joint best practice technical white paper addresses the benefits of using NPIV with ESX Server 3.5. It addresses best practices and deployment considerations. This paper provides specific examples of deployment steps and use cases for which the joint technology can be leveraged in virtualization environments.

A Technical FAQ about Voice and Video over IP Networks (2003)

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